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What are your products Free From?

All of our products are gluten free and milk free as standard, always! Anything else, we will shout about on the front of our awesome packaging so you know.

What makes your products Free From?

All CRAVE products are made by in our special factories. These factories have all of the the necessary and correct controls in place to safely produce products without allergens. We make sure they do by visiting all of our factories personally and check on these controls. Once we are happy with what they do and how they do it, they then become part of the CRAVE club!

When it actually comes to producing CRAVE products, it's a serious business.The factories are cleaned and then this cleaning is tested, if all is ok then it's go go go. However it doesn't stop there, products are then stored and sent for further testing, clever boffins test the products in lab's to ensure when we say it is free from an is!! Only then do CRAVE products get released to you good people. We want you to have 1 million trillion billion % (that’s a lot!) peace of mind that what is says on the tin, well box, bag and packaging, is right!

Where can we buy your flipping delicious products?

At the mo through our website (which you are currently on!) but you can also get your CRAVE fix at The Vegankind Supermarket or Holland & Barret.

What makes CRAVE products so bloomin' awesomely delicious?

Magic of course! No only kidding. We develop products that we would want to eat and share with our friends, we don’t have allergies and intolerances and so don't accept the bland and boring. So we only create products that are flavourful, fun and flipping delicious. We find the best suppliers, best ingredients and never compromise on taste. That’s why CRAVE products are good enough for everyone. It just means be prepared to have to share and get ready for some free from food envy!

What's your favourite colour?

Errrrrr pink!